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Main Entree

Spanish for suckling pig. In the Philippines, it connotes a whole roasted pig, "litsong baboy" being slowly roasted over charcoal.

Pork Adobo
Tender chunks of pork in a savory soy-vinegar-garlic sauce slow cooked to perfection.

is a favorite vegetable dish of Filipinos made from mixed vegetables and sautéed in light brown sweet sauce.

Chicken Manila
Tender pieces of chicken grilled with savory Manila sauce.

Chicken Adobo
Chicken in savory soy-vinegar-garlic sauce slow cooked to perfection making the meat extremely tender.

Pork Barbecue on a Stick
Grilled tender slices of pork on skewer marinated in soy-vinegar-garlic sauce with citrus and a blend of spices.

Side Dishes

Ground meat with carrots and special blend of herbs and spices and wrapped in spring roll shells, deep fried until crispy and golden brown.
$2.00 each

Puff pastry filled with ground beef mixed with garlic, onions, and seasonings. Cooked until golden brown.

Simmered thin rice noodles and sauteed mixed vegatables with shredded chicken.


Turon (banana rolls)
Deep fried ripe banana wrapped in crispy phyllo thats crunchy outside and sweet and juicy inside.

Maruya (banana fritters)
Maruya is the Filipino version of banana fritters made of plantain dipped in batter and deep fried.

Maja Blanca
Enjoy this very rich, creamy taste of corn custard with coconut milk sprinkled with sweet browned coconut flakes.

Mixed sweetened tropical fruit with crushed ice and milk served with choice of leche flan or purple yam on top.

Leche Flan - $4.00


Cantaloupe drink

Mango shake - $3.00
Soda - $1.00
Bottled Water - $1.00

Wine - $5.00 /glass $17.00 /bottle

Beer Choices - $5.00 each
San Miguel – 12 oz Bottles
Miller Lite, Sierra Nevada, Bass, and Guinness - Draft 16 oz Cups